The Worst Guys release double A-Side singles “Washed out” and “Party”

The Worst Guys, the hip-hop duo of Joe Marsh & Louis Prince have released two new singles “Washed Out” and “Party“. These are the first singles in their CMYK colour-inspired series of tracks representing the ‘Magenta Section’. The new singles follow on from their debut EP Not So Bad.

The new singles see the duo evolve their sound and evoke the like of Tyler, The Creator on “Party” through its woozy synths and slap back beats. They instil a new breezy aesthetic that brings all the poignant aspects of their sound to a new chilled out base. Their back and forth trade offs of “Just wanting to party tonight” showcase the tight-knit nature of the duo, feeling as though you’re walking behind them and hearing their plans for the night ahead. Instrumentally the duo become more ambitious, often allowing the music to talk for itself, which only makes those moments of thoughts that much more sweeter. With summer in full swing these boys have brought about two perfect additions to those “chilled-vibe” playlists we all can’t seem to get enough of.

Listen to the new singles below!