Witch Fever announce debut album ‘Congregation’, share lead single

Photo by Reuben Bastienne

Witch Fever have today announced Congregation, their debut album, which is set to be released on October 21st via Sony’s Music For Nations. Pre-order here. The announcement also comes alongside the release of the title track “Congregation” and an accompanying music video.

Listen to the new single below!

Speaking about the album lead singer Amy Walpole said;

“As our first album we’re really excited to just get it out there. We feel that it’s a step above what we’ve done before as we had a chance to experiment with sound and structure. It was our first opportunity to explore writing a body of work which was challenging but has been so rewarding! It pushed our creative process because we also had to think about the songs sitting side by side on an album! We tried to break out of what makes a typical ‘witch fever’ song whilst still being true to what makes our sound what it is.”


A press release said about the album:

Congregation captures the 4 piece at their heaviest and most challenging yet. Produced by Pigs x7’s Sam Grant at Blank Studios in Newcastle, the album’s 13-tracks incorporate everything from sludge to new wave without lingering in one sound for too long –  as a result, every track is built like a brick house – strong riffs and rhythm, but plenty of space within.


01. Blessed Be Thy

02. Beauty and Grace

03. At The Core

04. Congregation

05. Deadlights

06. Market

07. I Saw You Dancing

08. Snare

09. Bloom

10. Sour

11. Bloodlust

12. Slow Burn

13. 12

Witch Fever share new single “In Birth”

Witch Fever have shared new single “In Birth“, the latest single from their debut EP Reincarnate, set to be released on October 29th. The new track follows on from previously released “Reincarnate” and “In The Resurrect“.

Witch Fever continue to intoxicate on the new single through chugging sabbath-worthy riffs and propelling drums. They address the torment of patriarchal structures and the predatory behaviour that is born out of them with an eye to the wind. “You praised me / Undressed me / Telling me I was your wet dream” remarks singer Amy on the chorus, before declaring that she’ll “Eat you alive / Tear your bones head to toe just to see what’s inside”. They’re here to tear the establishment down and they’re doing it in explosive style.

Speaking on the new single singer Amy Walpole:

“‘In Birth’ has been kicking around for a little while now, so it’s nice to finally exorcise it into the world. Whilst the theme of a lot of our songs is reclamation, empowerment and catharsis, it’s definitely far more vulnerable. It felt right to juxtapose this with big chuggy riffs and noisy, cymbal heavy drums. The power that Alisha, Alex and Annabelle create on this track accompanies the anger in my lyrics perfectly.”

She continues, “We created and directed the video with Sam O’Leary and it’s a tongue in cheek way of presenting the narrative. We wanted something camp and fun, but still powerful and angry. Plus, everything’s better with a bucket of fake blood!”

Listen to the new single below!

Witch Fever – Live At 100 Club London Review

Photo by Niamh Degregorio

Manchester’s newest doom punk future stars descend on Oxford Street’s iconic 100 club to deliver a blistering set that proves they need to be headlining venues of this size as soon as possible.

Although Witch Fever may not be the main attraction on the evenings billing, with the headline spot coming from punk/ grime/ metal heavyweight duo Bob Vylan, they will have surely made enough fans during their performance to bring them back for plenty more.

It’s a surreal atmosphere that surrounds the gig, with every fan eager to get back to the newly reinstated true gig experience. You can sense the relief and desperation to get back into the pit. The mixture of crusty punks and middle aged men is back in full swing with each complimenting each other’s band t-shirts and many commenting on this being their first proper gig back. The company is great and life feels like it may be heading in the right direction.

Opening the night is tik-tok emo-pop star Zand who ushers in the flocks of early attendees with a mixture of tracks from their Ugly Pop EP and latest single “Slut Money” . Accompanied by a squid-masked DJ, Zand perfectly set the tone for the evenings events; weird and wonderful.

From the moment they step onto the stage, Witch Fever bring about an untamed amount of explosive energy to their performance. As guitarist Alisha Yarwood summons the rest of the band into action with her Sabbath-heavy riffs, the spell of Witch Fever begins to shroud over all who are within its grasp.

Lead singer Amy Walpole marches across the stage and you soon realise that you are witnessing one of the most exciting upcoming live bands in modern punk. They’re not just taking this as a chance to impress, but as a chance to ignite the fires that will surely bring them to stages much greater hopefully very soon.

They blast through a set of old tracks and new, most from upcoming debut EP Reincarnate with particular highlights being the furious “In The Resurrect” with a legion of head-bangers following in its furious rhythm and sharp cutting riffs. And title track “Reincarnate” that although didn’t cause any jaws to be spin-kicked on this occasion, brought about enough energy for everyone to forgot about the horrors of the past 18 months and feel free again.

You can’t help but be in Awe at the level of intensity and the close-knit nature of the band. They dance the dance and crash about the stage, but always landing back down on the same succinct beat. A flurry of furious outbursts and solos comes from drummer Annabelle Joyce, acting as though she’s beat-barer for your final descent into the red land below. And just before the curtain falls on their showcase of sound, Walpole descends into the rafts of attendees, screaming lyrics in the faces of those who dare stand in her way. Finally making her way to the bar where she appears to order herself a beverage before climbing onto it and using it as a makeshift stage. This is what it’s all about.

Witch Fever announce debut EP ‘Reincarnate’, share new single

Photo by Debbie Ellis 

Manchester’s Witch Fever have today announced their debut EP Reincarnate, set to be released on October 15th and on 12″ vinyl on December 3rd. Pre-order here. The announcement comes alongside the release of new single “In The Resurrect” which will appear on the EP. This follows on from previous single “Reincarnate“.

Speaking about the EP singer Amy said:

“This is the first time we’ll be releasing something longer than a single so it’s very exciting for us! The EP doesn’t really have a singular meaning behind it, it’s a mix of what our favourite songs to date were! Some of them we wrote and finished during the lockdown and some are a few years old. The overall lyrical content is a cross between biblical and horror imagery as a way to explore empowerment, catharsis and anger. It’s about owning my sexuality, my body and channelling my anger through music. With every piece of music we write we want to break the boundaries of a typical ‘Witch Fever’ song and push ourselves as musicians to keep evolving and getting out of our comfort zones! The more brutal the better!”

They have also announced that they will be supporting the political grime meets punk duo Bob Vylan on their UK Tour at the end of this month through to August, and are still set to play Wave Before The Kick In The Chest in Leeds, and Burn It Down in Devon. Tickets available here.

Listen to the new single below!


1. Reincarnate
2. In The Resurrect
3. Abject
4. In Birth
5. Initiation
6. Bully Boy

Witch Fever return with exhilarating new single “Reincarnate”

Photo by Debbie Ellis

Witch Fever have returned with exhilarating new single “Reincarnate” along with an accompanying erotic music video that explores women’s desires and fetishes. The Manchester based band have also signed to Sony Music’s Music For Nation and will be performing live on Twitch tonight at 7:30pm for Scruff Of The Neck, available to watch here.

Exploding and devastating riffs sees the band come out in full force with a brutalist drive. It brings about that chaotic early Nirvana energy whilst propelling forward with an unstoppable drive. This band is fucking cool and they know it.

Speaking on the new signing to Sony lead singer Amy said:

“We’re not here to say, ‘This is what you need to do with your life’, we just want to make angry music and make sure we don’t take any shit from people who give us shit,”