Soccer Mommy shares new single “rom com 2004”

Photo by Monica Murray

Soccer Mommy has shared new single “rom com 2004“, her first new music since last years color theory. The new single was produced by 5x Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter BJ Burton (Charli XCX, Bon Iver, Chance The Rapper, Empress Of, Miley Cyrus).

Incorporating elements of glitch-pop, soccer mommy breaks into her most experimental sound yet. Still with her sultry vocal style glazed over the top, the track bursts into her usual euphoric pop-rock style on the chorus only to come crashing down as fast as it rose. The spirit of soccer mommy is as clear as ever but this time she’s treading the waters of new sonic seas.

Speaking on the track Sophie Allison said:

“I wrote this song a while back and made a poppy demo for it. Then I told BJ to destroy it.”

Listen to the new single below!

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