Honeyglaze – “Creative Jealousy” Single Review

Photo by Holly Whitaker

London three-piece Honeyglaze, who have recently signed to the legendary Speedy Wunderground, deliver an honest and incisive second single in the form of “Creative Jealousy“, following their stunning debut track “Burglar”.

The choppy rhythms that begin the piece welcome lead singer Anouska Sokolow’s sincere lyrical offerings of creative inadequacy and doubt. At such an early moment in the band’s career, this truthfulness suggests that they are determined to work with openness and honesty from the get-go, promising more insightful musical contributions to come. The song is decisively shorter than “Burglar”, only reaching two minutes and sixteen seconds, but no less impactful and successful in what it sets out to do.

Speaking about the track, Sokolow explains:

“Creative Jealousy” came from the feeling of frustration I had during a creative block. I found myself looking around and feeling unable to live up to the high artistic standard set by my peers, not to mention my own expectations. The only thing I could think to do was to make fun of myself.”

Despite Sokolow’s worries, the band, who have supported the likes of W.H Lung and labelmates The Lounge Society, prove that they are capable of big things in no time at all, with upcoming shows playing alongside Katy J. Pearson and Lime Garden to name a few. It’s only a matter of time before the band headline their own tour.

Listen to “Creative Jealousy” below!


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