Hot New Single: The Mums – Summer Sauna

Photo by Jack Pulman

Remember concerts? Remember being able to drink with your mates in the sun without the fear of catching a deadly virus? We don’t. But The Mums certainly do.

Comprised of power couple Jack Pulman (Birdskulls) on guitar and vocals, singer Emily Brown and Luke Ellis (Muncie Girls), The Mums are a breezy indie punk project full of bright guitar riffs and fuzzy basslines. The Exeter trio recorded an EP of songs yet to be announced quietly over last year through lockdown, with ‘Summer Sauna’ being their first offering.

‘Summer Sauna’ gracefully takes you by the hand with its sticky opening melody. Pulman and Brown’s vocals go together like cookies and cream, with Ellis’s abrasive drum fills giving off heavy Pity Sex and Lemuria vibes respectively. Loud and soft, juxtaposing rapidly between sungazing without a care in the world and headbanging. With a chorus that blesses you like an unexpected hit of dopamine, we can’t wait to hear what else The Mums have in store for us in the future.

You can listen to ‘Summer Sauna’ below.

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