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Sister Lucy releases new single “Best At Being Sad”

Sister Lucy aka Abi Sinclair has shared “Best At Being Sad“, the latest single from her upcoming debut EP Big Girl Pants, set to be released on November 17th. This follows on from “Big Kid” and “Dream“, released earlier in the year.

Sinclair once again delivers another ballad that both pays homage to her influences whilst defining a sound of her own. She finds a perfect balance in rawness and captivating production aesthetics. The chugging riff and slow-stomping beat saunter the track along with a sultry breeze as Sinclair revels in her own lack of self-confidence. ” I can’t help what you make me do / I can’t help that you hate me too”, bringing her own self doubt to life, trying to reason with it as best she can. One of indie’s next great songwriters is on the cusp of greatness and her name is Sister Lucy.

Speaking about the track Sinclair said:

“The Best At Being Sad single is my internal monologue with unhappiness – The lyrics are self-mocking, cruel and impatient, I wanted to create a personification of sadness.” 

Listen to the single below!


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